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The Smart Report - Get the latest insights on the global AI in retail research study

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Grocery Report

Global study discovers how to deliver a better customer experience

Six Key Findings

How grocery retailers can deliver the best daily decisions for a better customer experience

How do food shops decide what to stock on the shelves and how to do optimal pricing?

A recent global survey conducted by Blue Yonder focusing on grocery retailers has discovered that their decisions are not matching the speed of customer expectations.

Professor Michael Feindt, Founder of Blue Yonder, said: “Grocery retail is dealing with many changes and threats. The digital behemoths have shifted the rules of engagement, providing shoppers with options of 24/7 shopping on any platform, delivered in to match their clock-speeds. Only those retailers who understand the importance of advanced machine learning algorithms and big data will survive and thrive in grocery retail into the future.”

In these six key findings, you can see that interpreting data is key to the future of effective retail.

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