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Blue Yonder is now part of JDA


Who We Are

With our roots in particle physics at CERN, we enable retailers to take a transformative approach to their core processes, automating complex decisions that deliver higher profits and customer value using AI.

What We Do and What We Deliver

Blue Yonder, a JDA company, enables retailers, consumer products and other companies to intelligently transform their operations and make more profitable, automated business decisions that deliver higher profits and optimized customer experiences.

Developed by one of the largest teams of PhD-level data scientists dedicated to retail and the supply chain, Blue Yonder’s AI/ML solutions deliver more than 600 million intelligent, automated decisions a day.

Blue Yonder was founded in 2008 in Karlsruhe, Germany, by former CERN scientist Professor Michael Feindt and acquired by JDA Software in 2018.

What Makes Blue Yonder Different


Unparalleled speed of delivery

No other company converts multichannel demand into revenue as quickly  - Blue Yonder can deliver its solutions between three and six months.


Use of existing systems saving time and money

Through AI, we enable retailers’ existing solutions to perform better and more accurately – removing the cost and time involved in replacing legacy systems. 


Liberating stores to deliver the best customer experience

Our innovative AI software delivers automated decisions, liberating each store to deliver the best experience for its customers. 


Proven expertise in operationalizing AI for retail

From source to shelf, Blue Yonder operationalizes machine learning to optimize the performance of products in terms of throughput, margin and customer availability.


World leader in innovating and delivering AI

Our solutions are delivered by one of the largest team of retail-experienced data scientists in the software industry who are continually pushing the boundaries of AI knowledge.

The Technology Behind Our Solutions


Data and infrastructure

The building block for all decisions
We manage mission-critical data in the cloud, to process with high performance and availability.


Algorithms and machine learning models

Extracting value from data
We provide world-leading machine learning algorithms and models, tuned to retail challenges.


Domain expertise in retail

Understanding and optimizing business constraints
We understand retail processes, problems and best practices and build scalable applications for supply chain and pricing.


Automation and scale of decisions

Maximum agility for remarkably improved profitability
Insight is not enough, action is key. High quality models allow automated decisions, which unlock the full business impact of your data.


Blue Yonder and Microsoft

Two strong Partners meeting the highest IT standards
Blue Yonder is a SaaS provider deploying and running on Microsoft Azure.


Blue Yonder operates a professional information security management system that is certified according to the ISO 27001 standard.

Our Customers