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bonprix Sets Prices with AI-based Price Optimization

“With Blue Yonder, we can now simply and centrally adjust prices from day to day in individual markets. That was not previously possible at this speed.”

Florian Rüffer,
Project Manager, bonprix

bonprix sets prices with AI-based price optimization

Price Optimization

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The Challenge
  • Varying parameters in different countries
  • How to achieve granular price optimization instead of using fixed price-conversion tables
  • Market-focused, flexible price setting
The Solution

AI-based pricing solution that allows bonprix to set prices across its international markets automatically.

The Results
  • Sales increased by a double-digit percentage
  • Considerable profit gains
  • Increased gross profit per article (after costs)
  • Improved target functions (weighted: 50% proft, 50% yield)
  • Attracted new customers

Price Optimization

Optimize pricing decisions for every product, while improving revenue and margins by more than 5%

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  • 15%

    improved revenues

  • 5%

    improved profits

  • 20%

    stock levels reduction