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SELGROS Saves Distribution Costs for Advertising Materials

“We were convinced by the professional expertise and knowledge of the employees. Still, Blue Yonder first had to prove that the solution would work in practice, and they did that.”

Holger Penndorf, COO,
SELGROS Cash & Carry

Customer Targeting

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The Challenge

The retail company SELGROS Cash & Carry sends brochures to as many as one million customers every two weeks. Deciding which customer should receive a brochure was a manual process, which created a significant drain on the company’s resources and the marketing budget was not being used efficiently. The goal was to improve and automate the customer selection process to save on marketing material costs while maintaining revenue.

The Solution

Blue Yonder Customer Targeting uses a machine learning algorithm to analyze individual customer purchasing history to forecast the purchasing probability and purchase size with and without advertising material. The catalog was then only sent to customers who were proven to make purchasing decisions based on receiving marketing material.

The Results
  • Substantial savings in advertising costs with unchanged revenues
  • Quick return on investment due to measurable savings

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