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Boost profit and revenues through better pricing

Fashion retailers optimize prices in a dynamic way to positively impact sales figures and ensure profitability at season's end.

How Much Is Your Customer Willing to Pay?

Fashion is getting faster! Ever shorter product life cycles and multichannel developments are making the hyper-competitive fashion retailing even more challenging. Delivering profitability relies on a retailer’s ability to actively keep up with market’s changing dynamics and on accurately calculating customer’s willingness to pay.

Price Setting Challenges in Fashion Retailing


Customer experience across channels

Keeping up with consumer expectations, setting prices consistently across channels and dealing with an increasingly complex supply chain.



The need to effectively manage in-season prices and inventory quickly while still delivering desired profit margins.


Changing market dynamics

Pricing items optimally and dynamically that will keep up with even shorter product life cycles and ever increasing competition.


Growing return figures in the online space

Dealing with the associated costs of returned e-commerce items due to online comparison shopping after purchase.


The Solution: Price Optimization

Blue Yonder Price Optimization is a machine learning solution that delivers retailers optimized pricing decisions for every product, while improving revenue and margins by more than 5%.

  • Improved revenues up to 15%
  • Improved profits by more than 5%
  • Up to 20% stock levels reduction
  • Automating price adjustments
  • Optimizing high-level KPIs
  • Decreasing write-off rates
  • Increasing competitiveness

More about Price Optimization

Optimizing demand across the merchandise life-cycle is essential to maintain both brand relevance and profitability. Fashion retailers need to infuse customer behavior into key pricing decisions in order to truly align fast fashion retailing with customer expectations.

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